Career & Tecnnial Education

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Industrial Arts

Grades 7-8

Mr. Frankmore


The purpose of the course is to teach you the techniques and methods of wood and carpentry. During this class, you will be required to construct and fabricate a series of projects using power tools and hand tools. Dealing with problems will be a big part of what you will be taught. You will be instructed as how to use hand and power tools safely and with proper techniques. You will be expected to follow safety rules at all times failure to do so may result in your removal from the class.


The main power tools you will be tested on in the wood shop are as follows:

Radial Arm Saw, Table Saw, Band Saw, Miter Saw, Jointer, Planer, Router, Drill Press, Belt/Disc Sander.  



You will be graded on a daily basis. Ten points will be awarded daily. To obtain full credit for the day, you must show up on time, follow all safety rules, work diligently on projects, and clean up at the end of the hour. All grades entered will be entered as a percentage, so these points add up quickly. In addition to daily points, you will be tested on all areas and tools listed above. Tests will consist of safety practices and theory of area of instruction. You must receive an 85% on all tests n order to work in the shop. Only completed projects will be graded and they will be graded on a rubric basis. All projects will be assigned by me and must be completed by the due date. If your project is not completed by the due date, you will lose 10% a day up to four days After the fourth day of being late, your project will not be graded and you will receive an incomplete for that project. You will be allowed to check your grade on a weekly basis with your new lab top, so take advantage of this to monitor your progress.



  1. To promote proper safety practices in operation of tools and/or power tools.
  2. To promote cooperation, work habits, and rights of others.
  3. Develop social relationships- cooperation, tolerance, leadership
  4. Develop an interest in wood/metal working.
  5. Develop an interest in pursuing a career in the trades.


Materials Needed-

Carpenter Pencil, Lock for locker, Safety Glasses and Tape Measure