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Shop Contract

 Career & Technical Education 

Shop Contract


The shop is designed to introduce and expand your knowledge of wood and metal work. I am looking forward to a great year and to see the many great projects you are going to turn out. You must understand that it is those that make the biggest difference. Therefore I will have you and your parents sign the following contract.


I  ____________________________________________________will always follow all shop rules and regulations during woods * metals * building trades class. I will always wear safety glasses, work on my assigned project (or chosen project 2nd – 4th year students), and follow all dress codes.



I understand that I will lose all daily points for any of the following reasons:

  • Not wearing safety glasses
  • Not staying on task and working on project
  • Doing homework from another class
  • Talking or texting on your cell phone
  • Violating safety rules or dress code


If you receive TWO violations in a nine weeks period you will be referred to the office.


I understand that I will receive a failing grade for the nine weeks if I am caught defacing any property in the shop.


Shop classes are not a study hall and any work I have completed while in lab will be discarded in the trash.


I have read fully understand the expectation of me in either shop.


Shop fee

$10.00 per class per semester.


All Shop fees must be paid by September 30. After September 30 the fee will become a fine.



____________________________________________            ______________________________________________

                             STUDENT                                                                               GUARDIAN